NBA Play-Type Profiles

The following tool helps visualize NBA players’ profiles by play type. Enter two names (the same name twice, if you wish to see just one profile), then select the intended season, side of the court and stat type to get a filtered view:

You can also view the league leaders in each offensive category or overall value added below:

And the same is true for the defensive play-types:


  • Possessions: The total number of plays that fell into the designated category.
  • Frequency: The percentage of a player’s total plays that fell into the designated category. Do note these numbers won’t add up to 100, because plays listed as “miscellaneous” on are not included.
  • PPP: The points per possession produced or allowed during plays that fell into the designated category.
  • Percentile: The league-wide percentile for a player’s PPP score in the designated category. This number may differ slightly from’s mark because data for non-qualified players was also included in the calculation.
  • Value Added: Calculated by finding the difference between individual PPP and the league-average PPP for that play type, then multiplying by the number of possessions used. It indicates the value added on offense or saved on defense provided by that player, as compared to a league-average contributor filling that same role.

You can find all play-type information, presented in even more detail, on, from which all data used in this profile generator is consolidated. Do note that not all original data is present for 2015-16, so exercise caution when looking at those results.