Hardwood Knocks – Episode 75 – NBA Offseason Winners and Losers and Holy Moly the OKC Thunder

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Guess what? No, seriously, guess. Hurry up. You’re taking too long.

Screw it, we’ll just tell you: The NBA offseason is old enough for us to—wait for it—pass judgement from the comfort of our lavish (read: regular) recording studios (read: respective living rooms)!

In the latest edition of Hardwood Knocks, Andy Bailey and Dan Favale cycle through the biggest offseason winners and losers from both the Eastern and Western Conferences. We know the Oklahoma City Thunder make the cut, but are they the biggest winners of the summer thus far? Where do the Boston Celtics fall on this scale? They basically, after all, signed Gordon Hayward twice.

Has the Cleveland Cavaliers’ offseason been that bad? Should San Antonio Spurs fans buy custom-made LeBron James jerseys now or wallow in the fact that Chris Paul ended up with the Houston Rockets? Are the New York Knicks the NBA’s biggest laughingstock? Or does that honor belong to the Detroit Pistons? Or perhaps the Indiana Pacers?

And, finally, have the Philadelphia 76ers punched their ticket to the 2018 NBA Finals, or will they have to wait until, like, 2019 for their first championship?

We’ve got your shocking, and not-so-shocking, and sometimes-awful, truths about the NBA offseason right here. You’re welcome in advance.


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