TPA Scores for 2016 NBA Draft Prospects

The NBA draft is always a glorified crapshoot, littered with busts near the top and steals toward the end of the proceedings. Even though teams will go into the 2016 edition hoping they’ll be able to buck the established trend, they’ll be operating without enough information.

Everyone is guessing—to some extent, at least.

To better prepare you for what you’ll witness on June 23, let’s take a look how each notable prospect—defined as those who made appearances on at least one of the following Big Boards: Chad Ford’s for ESPN, Aran Smith’s for and DraftExpress’—fared during his final NCAA season. We’re only including non-international prospects here, since those are the ones for whom we have TPA data.

Below, you can see relevant information for each of the 101 relevant draft candidates, including their offensive points added (OPA), defensive points saved (DPS) and total points added (TPA). We’re also looking at “steal index,” which is the discrepancy between their average rank on the Big Boards and their finish in TPA.

The higher the steal index, the better the chances of becoming a draft-day gem. The lower the steal index, the better the chances of becoming an ignominious bust.