Sportswriting Program

NBA Math’s Online Sportswriting Program

Teaching aspiring writers how to blend stats, media and context to produce the best NBA-related content.


Adam Fromal, NBA Math Editor in Chief

Adam founded NBA Math and has worked for years at Bleacher Report as both a writer and feedback editor for the Advanced Program in Sports Media. With experience ranging from live coverage of the Denver Nuggets to appearances on NBA TV, he’ll be responsible for helping writers improve the overall direction and technicalities of their work.

Dan Favale, NBA Math Deputy Editor

Dan’s NBA analysis has been featured in a number of places Bleacher Report to his Hardwood Knocks podcast, with plenty in between—and he’s made numerous appearances on nationally syndicated radio shows for networks such as ESPN, NBC, CBS and Sirius XM. He’ll be responsible for helping improve the quality of writing, focusing on everything from creative ledes to powerful turns of phrase deeper down on the page.

Arjun Baradwaj, NBA Math Technical Director

Arjun has been involved in all areas of technology and analytics, from software engineering to web development to building financial dashboards to producing the NBA Math podcast. His experience in data analytics consulting and as the founder of a web-development company have allowed him to work with a wide spectrum of people, tailoring his work to their needs. Arjun will be available for any technology-related asks, including designing graphics and structuring articles.

Mission Statement

It’s not enough to have a solid grasp of NBA analytics. You must be able to do more than write flowery prose capable of capturing readers’ attention. You can’t focus solely on creating compelling media to help supplement your pieces.

Leaning on three instructors with plenty of experience in the field, NBA Math’s Online Sportswriting Program will help you improve all three vital aspects of your sportswriting while giving you a chance to increase your exposure by publishing content on an up-and-coming site with an established base of readers. By the end of the program, your writing will have improved, and your own personal brand will have grown substantially.

Course Outline

NBA Math’s Online Sportswriting Program is a three-month online course for writers of any age and experience level. Once accepted into the program, writers will be asked to publish at least one article per week, working with the instructors to come up with compelling topics and content. They’ll receive hands-on instruction throughout, using concrete tips and experiences with industry mentors to leave the program as better writers—all while building a portfolio of high-quality content.

First Month

The initial month of the program will vary according to the experience and entry level of participants. They’ll immediately begin producing content and working with instructors to improve, but the focus will largely be on developing a full understanding of grammatical skills and tools to increase the readability of their writing. Expect to learn about and maximize the implementation of concepts such as anchor paragraphs, compound modifiers and transition sentences.  

Second Month

Though writers will, as necessary, continue to receive instructions about concepts from the first month, the thrust will move to creativity. During this portion, writers will focus on developing gripping ledes, working on timely cultural references and improving the strength of arguments.

Third Month

No story is complete in 2017 without media elements. Whether using relevant thoughts from other writers, finding (and creating) the right videos or learning how to visualize data, writers will be given the tools necessary to supplement their articles with the most compelling visual and storytelling aides.

A Personal Interest

Unlike other programs, which take a more hands-off approach to working with writers, this program will feature instructors from NBA Math who will always take an active interest in writer development. Not only will you be in constant communication with them to brainstorm writing topics and get your articles into perfect shape, but you’ll have the chance to talk to them rather frequently about broader topics.

Once every two weeks, they’ll schedule a call with you to go over your progress, offer tips as they see fit and answer any of your questions. Communication is key, so you’ll never feel a need to refrain from reaching out.

What Happens Next?

Once you’ve completed the program, your name and portfolio will be featured on the NBA Math website, allowing you to parlay your work into external gigs if you so desire. The best of the best will also be given a chance to continue on with the site, potentially even working with aspiring writers from future classes.

But best of all, your communication with the instructors need not end with the program. They’ll continue to be invested in your development, allowing you to continue reaching out for advice whenever necessary. You’ll forever be a part of the ever-growing NBA Math Slack community. The program may only last for three months, but the benefits can and should stretch on for a much lengthier duration.